The coronavirus test of 2 soldiers who served in the Military Recruitment Department in Afyonkarahisar was positive. Thereupon, it was decided to quarantine 2 soldiers, 20 soldiers and a petty officer who were determined to be in contact with them. Thereupon, a total of 23 soldiers, 1 of whom was a non-commissioned officer, were placed in the Tınaztepe Student Dormitory affiliated with the Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate. Tomorrow on these roads kapalıtürki

​​Soldiers who test positive than 2s ambulance and private home while fetching attire accompanied by medical teams, while others were brought by military plate minibus. According to the masks and social distance rules, the soldiers, who were observed to sit on the seats alone, entered the dormitory where they would spend the quarantine in the evening. No official statement has been made regarding the situation of the soldiers.

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