According to the information received, the incident took place in Gürsel District. Murat Deveci (50), who irrigated his parsley field, came into contact with the power pole passing by the edge of his garden after he finished the irrigation process and died by being caught in the current. It was claimed that there was leakage current on the lamppost.

Why did the police come to celebrate the wedding anniversary of the famous couple? However, they said we were obeying the rules. His relatives had nervous breakdowns. After the crime scene investigation phase of the police, Deveci’s body was taken to the morgue of Iskenderun State Hospital. Energy companies that provide the crews began work on the leakage current in the coming electricity poles scene.

Location: Bursa … Father and son fight in the blood aktıtürki to

launched an investigation into the police incident. yeni adresi olarak belirlendi. giriş işlemini yaptıktan sonra üye olarak %100 Hoşgeldin ödülü kazanabilirsin.

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