Eskişehirspor news : In Eskişehirspor, President Mustafa Akgören spoke to ES TV microphones at the postponed financial general assembly. Stating that they are sorry for the postponement of the financial general assembly, Akgören said that he will deliver messages that are highly important to the community at the meeting to be held next week and the majority will not be sought. Akgören also announced the latest situation in Boffin and domestic transfer.

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Boffin danger continues in Eskişehirspor
Stating that they could not agree with Akgören Boffin, he said that they were alone in this regard. Akgören said, “Unfortunately, Boffin does not accept the agreement. We cannot give the numbers he wants at once. You know we are always alone. Our talks are continuing. I was very sorry when I had a meeting with him. He was not convinced, God forbid, there may be results that we do not want.

The dreams of those who do not sign are Super League, but …
Speaking about internal transfer, Akgören said, “Mevlüt, Erdal, Alperen, Ekrem could not find a club. We talked over and over and tried to persuade. But they are in the Super League dream. We are waiting for them, but I have said many times that they confuse their managers. They need to cook and play a little more at this club, ”he said.

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