Çavuşoğlu said, ‘NAVTEX was not published because Oruç Reis is under maintenance. There is no point in broadcasting NAVTEX while the ship is under maintenance. This was perceived as a retreat, and the opposition perceived it as such, but it is not true. Our ship Barbaros Hayrettin and Yavuz continues their drilling. ‘ he said


The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, held at monthly intervals of the Oruc Reis seismic research vessel to return to port in Turkey routine

In the statement made on the Ministry’s Twitter account, it was reminded that the Oruç Reis ship started seismic exploration and research activities in the Demre-1 location in the Mediterranean on 10 August.

In the statement, which was recorded that he collected 3 thousand 525 kilometers of seismic data in the subject area, the following statements were made:

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“Oruç Reis, monthly scheduled maintenance, Returning to the port for personnel change and next mission preparations Returning to the port for monthly supply and maintenance is the routine activity of the ship.After the supply and maintenance operations, the ship continues its seismic exploration and research activities. d will. “

The statement also Turkey’s Mediterranean was stated that international law based on exploration and drilling activities, remains, Yavuz and continued to Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha ships in the Eastern Mediterranean activities were recorded.

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