The incident took place on the Pendik coastal road at 20.30 pm last Saturday. According to the information obtained, Sakarya University International Trade Department first-year student Metehan Korkmaz (20), who rented scooters with his cousins, started to wait at the lights to cross the road. He wanted to cross the pedestrian crossing with. While some vehicles were waiting for pedestrians to pass, a car on the left lane in the direction of Kadıköy hit Metehan Korkmaz, who was crossing the road.

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The teenager, who was thrown into the air due to the impact, fell to the ground and was seriously injured. Noticing the situation, his cousins ​​immediately rushed to Korkmaz. Upon the notice, medical teams were sent to the scene. The teams who came to the scene in a short time took Korkmaz to the hospital by ambulance.

The young man who was taken to intensive care could not be saved despite the interventions made. Driver M.A, who was learned to be a lawyer after the incident, was released after the court he was taken. The family metehan Korkmaz stated that the complainant was asked to examine the cameras on the street.

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