Citizens who went out in the Reşadiye Mahallesi Ekmekçi location of the district, hearing a loud noise in the morning, were surprised when they saw that there was a giant pit in the middle of the road.

The situation was reported to the Municipality teams by the citizens.

It was determined that the sinkhole, which is 20 meters away from the neighboring houses, is 15 meters deep and 30 meters in diameter.

Adem Ekmekçi from the local community said that cracks occurred on the same road yesterday and the municipality teams informed the Expressing that the teams closed the road to traffic, Ekmekçi said, “Fortunately, they closed it. Otherwise, there would be a disaster here. The pothole gave a symptom on August 29. When we went out there was dust and dirt. ”

Stating that they frequently encountered sinkhole formation in the region, Ekmekçi said:

“We know that there is a sinkhole fault line here. With the closure of the road to traffic, bad and sad incidents were prevented. Because everybody works in the field. There are a lot of workers working in the area. Trucks, trucks and tractors are passing through the road. There was a warehouse on the side of it. When I felt that there would be a sinkhole on the road, I demolished it a while ago. We ask the authorities to investigate. The pothole that occurs scares people, but there is nothing to do. It came from God. We are glad that there was no sad loss. Tools or could have coincided with the people. “He said.

6 months were missing, were found in a terrible state! Turkey

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