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11. After Efecan Karaca hit hard from inside the penalty area, the ball returned without defense. In the 13th minute, in the attack developed by the crescent-star team from the left wing, the ball came to Yusuf Yazıcı, who was in the appropriate position in the penalty area. In this player’s shot, the leather round came out from the top. Nico Schulz found the ball in front of the penalty scene after the attack of the host team with Emre Can on the right wing in the 21st minute. In this player-huh shot, the ball went slightly from the side.

25. The crescent-star team won a free kick at a distance of about 25 meters from the goal per minute. Using the free kick, Yusuf Yazıcı threw the ball over the dam and threw it to Ozan Tufan. It was left in the hands of the leather round goalkeeper Leno, which Ozan could not hit as he wanted.

41. Luca Waldschmidt hit the ball hard before entering the penalty area, where he met in the midfield. Kalece Mert Günok, the leather rounded at the last moment.

45 + 1. Germany took the lead in the minute. Draxler, who controlled the ball while entering the penalty area in the middle from the right, with a smooth kick from the left diagonal, he pushed the leather round over Mert Günok and sent it to the net: 1-0.

The first half of the match ended with Germany’s 1-0 lead.

Second half

50. Turkey equality grabbed a 1-1 minutes. Kaan Ayhan, who played incredibly fast after the opponent won the ball in the half area, transferred the leather round to Ozan Tufan, who was in front of the penalty area. Ozan Tufan met with nets from the round corner in the strike made by Ozan Tufan despite the defensive turn with elegant movements: 1-1.

53. In the minute Cengiz Ünder shot hard in front of the penalty area, goalkeeper Leno pulled the ball out.

58. In the minute Germany took the lead again. When Neuhaus, who got the ball on Havertz’s pass, kicked from inside the penalty area, the leather went to the round nets: 2-1.

59. At the incredibly fast attack of the German team every minute, when Julian Brandt hit hard from outside the penalty area, the ball returned from the goalkeeper Mert.

67. The moon-stars per minute ensured the draw again. Efecan Karaca, who trapped the ball in the pressure on the German defense, entered the penalty area from the right diagonal, was the position facing the goalkeeper and sent the ball to the net: 2-2.

81. Germany took the lead by scoring one more goal in the minute. Waldschimdt, who controlled the ball in the middle of Gosens’ penalty area from the left, met with the nets despite the intervention of the leather round goalkeeper Mert Günok: 3-2.

87. Kenan Karaman, who met with the ball in the penalty area every minute, passed his opponents and hit the left diagonal, while the ball hit the upper pole and returned to the playing field.

90 + 4. A National Team provided equality in minutes. Cengiz Ünder, who met with Ozan Tufan’s pass in front of the penalty area, centered the ball on Abdülkadir Ömür on the left cross behind the defense. Kenan Karaman, who found the ball in front of him in this player pass, sent the leather round to the net between the legs of goalkeeper Leno with a smooth shot: 3-3.

There were no more goals in the remaining section and the match ended 3-3.


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