A young girl named Kardelen Kamişli stated that a person she did not know was sitting in her bed when she woke up in the hotel room she settled in Kırıkkale, where she went for work, and told her fearful moments that night on her social media account Twitter. Stating that he was an electrical and electronic engineer, Kamişli reported that he went to the police and complained about the person. Kardelen Kamişli explained her experiences in her social media account as follows:

“I entered the hotel around 18.30 on Monday. When I went to the market and came to the market, I checked out and entered my room without any problems in the card pass system, which is located at the doors and given separately for each room. I took care of my chores and slept around 01.00. I woke up suddenly around 2.40 – 02.50 and saw a man I had never known or seen before sitting in my bed and looking at me. I did not know how long he had been there, but when I opened my eyes, I saw the person watching me. fear ‘who are you, what are you doing here?’ I could not get up from where I was because of fear where I live, but I screamed. “

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Kamişli said, “The person mentioned later said to me ‘You are Nurbanu’s friend, I need to talk to you about something’ but I am I did not even communicate with any person named Nurbanu during my horse. Who is Nurbanu? This person, whom I tried to push away from myself by saying, “Get out of my room,” as if his harassment was not enough, and he said insolently, “I bought a cigarette from you, I will smoke it and go.” When I shouted ‘Get out!’ He took off his shoe and put it on my pillow as if the incident was still normal. When I looked around, I also saw that there was a jacket on my suitcase that was not mine. I could not move out of fear in the seconds of this happening. But with the removal of his shoes, I thought the incident would fall to an extraordinary place, and I got up with a blast and stretched my hand to the phone in the hotel room to call the hotel reception. Seeing that I was pointing at the phone, this man tried to grab my arm, but I immediately pulled my arm and called the reception. individuals who I call the desk attendant, taking the jacket on my baggage went away to escape my room, “he said.

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judicial process was initiated about two suspicious

< The Governorship of Kırıkkale announced that an investigation was initiated on the incident. Judicial proceedings were initiated against 2 persons including suspects. The necessary administrative review has been initiated by our Governorship regarding the other allegations that Kardelen Kamişli shared on social media platforms. With our wishes to Kardelen Kamişli, it is announced to the public that all necessary procedures are carried out with precision.

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