In the National Criminal Bureau report submitted to the Çeşme Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was stated that Kyryliuk and his friends went downstairs from a black vehicle at 22.23. When the images that Kyryliuk and his friends got out of the vehicle were examined, it was emphasized that Daria Kyryliuk’s hand and face were bloody, and the person named Mansour was said to have blood on his top. It was noted that the foreign national named Kiara came with her mouth and nose holding both hands and injured in another place.

It was stated that Baran Güneş took Kyryliuk’s bloody face with his cell phone. It was also stated in the report that it was clearly seen that the blood stains on Daria’s face were already present at the entrance to the residence.

Erdal Keser was awarded the German State Order of Merit. >

In the forensic expert examination, it was stated that Daria Kyryliuk and Baran Güneş did not exhibit violent behavior towards each other, and because of panic, fear and confusion, Kyryliuk displayed behaviors not only to distance the Sun but also to remove other friends who approached him. It was also observed that Kyryliuk was in a panic attack and did not calm down.


DHA Speaking to Daria Kyryliuk and Baran Güneş’s lawyer, Hüseyin Sami Oyman, claiming that their clients were insulted in the places they went. “This was the drop that broke the glass. When Daria Kyryliuk went to visit the Dolmabahçe Palace with two foreign friends, a lady approached her and said, “You slandered us even though your friend beat you,” and insults, “Get out of this country” with a heavy swearing. Baran told me about this, when Baran was telling me, I was still hearing Daria’s cry, even after 2 hours after this incident. When it came to this point, we saw that we were under unjust attack and that there were more serious events due to the attacks my clients suffered due to the incident.

Last minute … The statement of death penalty from the President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mustafa Şentop Politics

DARIA ‘ Mentioning Momo Beach’s claim that Baran Güneş beat Daria Kyryliuk, Lawyer Oyman said, “It is not only Daria who was beaten in the incident. Baran’s clothes are torn, Mansour is scattered, Americans and Iranians have been battered. If Baran beat Daria, who beat these other 3 people? Therefore, the heavy and unjust attack on my clients must somehow be ended … he used the expressions.

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