The incident took place yesterday around 21:00 in the İbrahimpaşa District of Osmangazi district. Isil Ç. (38), his wife, Reşat Ç. had a decision to suspend him last Wednesday.

Reşat Ç. (48) yesterday saw his wife walking on the street with a man. by O.S. (42) followed the person next to him, who was learned to be. He saw the two enter the house where his wife had ordered a suspension for him. Entering the house after waiting for a while, Reşat Ç. Caught OS with his wife in the bedroom.

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Reşat Ç. he broke it and injured his wife with a glass piece. He also hit the O.S..

Hearing the voices, the neighbors immediately rushed to help and called the police. Işıl Ç in the blood. He was taken to Çekirge State Hospital by his neighbors. While the woman was being treated, a large number of police teams were sent home upon notice.

Location: Russia … The collapsed balcony fell on passers-byDünya

Reşat Ç., Who attempted to commit suicide by pulling the knife from the kitchen into her throat, prevented the police teams. Reşat Ç. was taken into custody. It was learned that Işıl Ç.’s condition preserved her health seriousness.

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