A fire broke out as a result of a lightning strike in the forest area in Boğaboynu area of ​​Sarıbudak village in the center of Artvin after noon on Wednesday, September 2. Upon the notice of the villagers, the teams and the people of Sarıbudak village intervened in the fire after walking for about three hours due to the fact that the area where the fire started was steep rocky and there was no vehicle road to the region. As soon as the teams of the Regional Directorate of Forestry and the villagers did digging in the steep terrain and extinguishing with shovels for 8 days, cooling works started.

Prof. Dr. Jade Taşova the warning is very important for school! Turkey


The path to the nearest vehicle to land while about 1300 meters hose pulled cooling operations, The teams are on duty 24 hours a day in the region, which continues as a deep fire.

Saribdak Village Headman Irfan Beken said, “Today is the eighth day in the fire. As a result of the lightning, a fire occurred when lightning struck a rocky area 2 kilometers away from the driveway. Of course, it did not rain in the meantime, and with the effect of the wind, he was trying to bring the flame to the forest. We formed a line with our Regional Directorate of Forestry and our youth in our village. We prevented the fire from passing to the forest side of the main region. We cut only in one area, and now, on the seventh day, we are cooling with the fire brigade of our Artvin Municipality fire brigade and forest regional directorate. We have completely controlled the fire, but our pursuit continues. We have pulled a hose to 1,300 meters now, so cooling works continue. A lot of effort is being made here. On behalf of the village, the Forest Region and the Municipality of Artvin, God bless. >

It was learned that approximately 5 hectares of area covered with spruce, fir and pine trees were damaged in the fire where cooling works were continuing.

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