The incident took place at around 20.15 in 1735th Street in Demirkapı District. Allegedly, two groups with hostility between them signed a contract to meet on the street of 1735.

An armed clash took place between the party waiting on the street and the people who came to them by car. As a result of the fire opened in the conflict, the driver of the car, 20-year-old M.A.K. While he was injured, his friend escaped unscathed.

2 people crashed into another car while escaping. People in the other group also fled the scene on foot. With the news of the citizens who saw the incident, many police and medical teams were sent to the scene. The injured M.A.K. (20), who was taken to the hospital by the medical teams, died. Located next to the friend fled the scene.

citizens in Malatya, was warned by SMS: Out of çıkmayıntürki

​​Police teams took security measures around. A suspect involved in the study in the region was caught and detained in a very short time. Crime scene investigation teams searched for evidence in the region for a long time. The car belonging to the suspects left at the scene was taken to the parking lot with the help of a tow truck.

“We were in the clash”

A driver who had an accident due to the crashing of the suspects during the incident “Here he is in an armed conflict. When I gave way to the escaped vehicle, the vehicle that chased it hit me from the back and threw me here. The friend in the vehicle was seriously injured and they took him to the hospital. .

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