Eskişehirspor news
Turkey Football Federation announced the decision of the Professional Disciplinary Board. All of the teams that were referred to the discipline-specific matches yesterday were given a warning
In the statement made, in the special competition of Eskişehir Sports Club, GAZİANTEP FOOTBALL CLUB INC. – ESKİŞEHİR SPORTS CLUB, It was stated that it was decided to punish the athletes with a penalty for violation of the instructions due to their playing.

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  1. Beşiktaş'ta says:

    Musclebet 2. ön eleme turunda Yunanistan’ın PAOK takımıyla karşı karşıya gelen

  2. 4 says:

    Bahisgo penaltı, kaybolan 2 puan vardı. Fırat Aydınus’un bir senede

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