İlker Bayrak, the children of Adnan and Elif Bayrak couple, who lived in İnegöl and were born in 2005, were taken to hospitals in Bursa by his family with a complaint of development when he was born. Bayrak, who could not be diagnosed here, was later taken to Ankara Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. In the examinations carried out here, it was determined that İlker Bayrak has a “Silver-Russell”, which is seen one in a million.

An accident like a massacre! 6 dead, 2 yaralıtürki to

lost his life

Ilker Flag was sick of playing at home in the evening. Realizing that her son’s heart has stopped, Elif Bayrak took İlkeri in her arms and went out on the street. Mother Elif Bayrak, who asked for help from people on the street, took İlker to İnegöl State Hospital with a private car. While İlker was taken to the emergency department, mother Elif Bayrak had a nervous breakdown. İlker Bayrak passed away despite all the intervention of the doctors.

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