The incident took place on 29 July in Adalet Mahallesi Sönmez Street in the central Osmangazi district. Kıvanç B. (16) met with his friends Eren K., Berkay B. and Cihan C. in the park. Kıvanç B.’s gun, who showed his friends the gun he bought from home, allegedly fired. The bullet that entered Eren K.’s neck came out of his chest. Eren K., who fell on the ground in blood, was taken to the hospital by ambulance, which was sent upon notice. Kıvanç B. was detained by police teams. Referred to the courthouse one day after the incident, Kıvanç B. was released on condition of judicial control by the court where he was taken. Eren K. was discharged from Bursa Uludağ University Medical Faculty Hospital after completing her 22-day treatment. Eren’s esophagus was shattered, from which the bullet from the pistol entered her neck and exited from her chest. Eren, who was fed only with liquid after the event, lost 21 kg in 2 months.

Tropical storm panic! The country is on the alert World

ATTACK WITH ROW IN THE CAMERA attacked in the middle of the street. Gökhan B. battered Abdullah Y. for visiting Eren at the hospital. Gökhan B. first hit Abdullah Y.’s head with a wooden stool. Then, Gökhan B., who took a line from his waist, injured Abdullah Y.’s legs and arms. Abdullah Y., who was seriously injured after the incident, was treated at the hospital. Gökhan B., who was taken into custody, was released on judicial control. The moments of Gökhan B. hitting Abdullah Y. with a row and a stool were reflected on the security camera of a workplace.

He became a corona for the second time in 1.5 months! > ARRESTED

Gökhan B. was again detained by police teams yesterday morning on the order of the prosecutor. Gökhan B., who was sent to the courthouse after his actions at the police station, was arrested by the court where he was taken for the crime of “attempted murder intentionally”. Gökhan B. said, “Why did you beat a 16-year-old?” He replied, “This is more trailer, you come to the premiere.

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