The incident took place at a fuel station in Yeni Mahalle Eskişehir Caddesi Yıldıztepe location on Thursday, 17 September, around 18:00. An unidentified driver and his accompanying person came to the gas station by car. Allegedly, station employee Tunay Çıldır asked the two to pay the balance for the fuel they had previously bought. There was a debate between the two and Çıldır. Turgay Çıldır started running towards the car with a stick he took from a room in the station. The driver hit Tunay Çıldır with the car. Crazy, stuck between the vehicle and the wall.

Last explanation for Muhittin Böcek, who received coronavirus treatment Politics


Upon the intervention of other employees, the duo fled by car. Tunay Çıldır, who had broken feet and shoulder, was treated at Afyonkarahisar State Hospital, where she was taken by ambulance. It was learned that Tunay Çıldır, who is in severe condition, will be operated. The police investigation continues to capture the 2 suspects who escaped.

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