The 8th election period of the IMM Assembly, the year of its 2nd meeting, the 3rd meeting of September took place at the Eurasia Show and Art Center in Yenikapı within the scope of coronavirus measures. The 266th agenda item of the meeting, the Private Transporter Business System, the Legal Commission, the Transport and Traffic Commission, the City Economy, Professional Chambers and Trade Unions Commission, and the Plan and Budget Commission Joint report were presented to the votes of the council members. Within the scope of the report, it was unanimously accepted that all buses in Istanbul will be connected to IETT. With the acceptance of the agenda item, buses will now be in one color and the trips will be shaped according to metro lines. This application, together with the expected reduction of the complaints in public transport, will be guaranteed all the buses come by IETT and IMM.

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“All buses in Istanbul only will be color and unite under the roof of IETT “

İBB CHP Council Member Mesut Kösedağı, giving information about the new application,” Private Public Bus Transportation Inc., İstanbul Otobüs A.Ş., İETT With this article, buses will be one color and will unite under the roof of IETT. For this reason, institutions have been working for months. I want to inform the people of Istanbul about this item. As I said, now all buses in Istanbul are one It will be color and unite under the roof of IETT. The trips will be shaped in accordance with the metro lines, so IETT will be free from a serious financial burden. A new era is beginning for our Private Public Bus drivers. AI hours will be clear, social rights will be further enriched. The complaints of the people of Istanbul in public transportation will decrease considerably and the most important point, IETT, will organize flights to more places in Istanbul. A more useful article about this is that during the pandemic period, public transportation, and especially the revenues of our private public buses, will become a guarantor by IETT and IMM. Income and expenses will be determined every month. Suspension good earning payments will now be lifted and it will be clear what all our buses will earn each month. ”

Galatasaray defeated Neftçi Baku with 3 goals

IMM Assembly Legal Commission President Muhammet Kaynar stated that this issue helped the AK Party to overcome the problems and said, “We felt the need to negotiate with the commission about this system change because we I would like to state that the AK Party, which has the majority in parliament, is a good example of how we helped the administration to overcome the problems. “Good luck”.

Kemal Sunal’s name was given to the street where his films were shot

On the other hand, Kemal Sunal, the 274th article of the IMM Assembly. Giving the name of Beyoğlu to Güneşli Street in Cihangir and Pürtelaş Hasan Efendi neighborhoods, where the King of Doormen and King of Çöpçüler was filmed, was submitted to the votes of the council members. will be changed to.

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