According to the information obtained, an elderly woman named A.I.O ​​in Edremit district was called and defrauded 350 thousand liras by saying “your name was involved in terrorist incidents”. KOM and JASAT (Gendarmerie Crime Investigation Team) teams affiliated to Balıkesir Provincial Gendarmerie Command, within the scope of the study they initiated regarding the incident of fraud by telephone, İ.K, EG, BB, E.Ç, who committed the crime of fraud in an organized manner, and EY 5 suspects were caught in a luxury residence in the district of Gaziosmanpaşa in Istanbul, while the other suspects EA, GA, and S.C were caught in a car in the parking lot of the residence. In addition, BB is the relevant detained one more person.

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The luxury residence in the calls made in five unlicensed pistol, 1 unlicensed shotgun, 31 pieces of various diameter rounds, 11 Mobile phones and 2 vehicle license plates were seized. E.Ç, G.A and S.C, who were taken into custody about the incident, were released after their statements were taken by the prosecutor’s office. Other suspects organization leader EE, HR, EG, BB, arrested and they were referred to as a member of EY and BB organizations was sent to Edremit Closed Prison.

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In addition, efforts are underway to catch fugitives YA, H.Ç, EK, BY, ME, MY and T.M.

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